Saturday, June 30, 2012

Disney Update: weekend of 6/30

I receive a lot of fun and exciting information from the Disney public relations team, and I want to share as much as possible (because I know you love Disney as much as I do). So I have decided, instead of disseminating information, images, and clips sporratically, I will collect info for the week and include it in a weekend Disney update.

Now parents like me can get a quick glimpse of what is happening in the magical world of Disney entertainment. Bookmark or add me to your RSS reader so you won't miss a thing.

June 30th Disney Update:

If you missed my post on Tuesday, click through to learn the lore behind the mystical will 'o the wisps from the new Disney Pixar movie, Brave.

And here is a brand new clip from what looks to be another Tim Burton dark-but-fun classic,  Frankenweenie:

In Frankenweenie, a boy named Victor uses science to bring his beloved dog back to life. It is both a parody of and homage to the classic Frankenstein. It is scheduled to relesase on October 5th.

I also came across an informative and interesting post via Mice Chat recently, with many photos of the DisneyWorld Fantasyland expansion. Our family is eagerly anticipating the completion - hopefully we can go visit shortly after it is complete. More castles! Our four-year-old  Princess Amelia will not complain about that.

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