Thursday, June 7, 2012

I remember you

Dear boy,

I remember you. The boy who had just a mama. The boy who didn't always fit in, who had fewer toys and older clothes. The boy who liked me.

My parents taught me right; I was not to judge or look down, but to be kind and open to everyone. I did not always know what to think of our friendship. Sometimes it scared me. You had an air of danger, of trouble - or was I imagining it, just because I did not know much about your life?

Time marched on, we went our separate ways. You surprised me one day, many years later, when you wrote me letters. I was surprised, flattered, and a bit wary when I realized you still had a fondness for our friendship. Trouble had caught up to you a couple times. You were an artist - you sketched lovely pictures. You sent me some.  

We are out of touch once again, as it is with the constant motion of time. In adulthood, you still show a hard exterior. Looks can be deceiving; I am sure you are a good father and a good person. I am glad that I was taught to accept everyone. I will pass along that teaching to my own little girl. There are not many opportunities to experience differences in a small town private school, and I was lucky enough to have a unique friend who never showed me anything but a kind heart.

I hope you are still on the right path and doing fine.

The past & present Me

- - -
Mama Kat's writing prompt: (#3) An open letter to Somebody You Used To Know.

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