Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Will 'O The Wisps, magic in @DisneyPixar's Brave

We waited two days after the opening, and could wait no longer. We saw Disney Pixar's new movie Brave on Sunday! We purchased tickets online ahead of time, and waited in line for thirty minutes at the theater so we could get a good seat.

The movie was great! A little bit intense in parts for a four-year-old, but she was fine. She already wants to buy the movie and bring it home.

Santa, did you hear that? If it's on DVD for Christmas, fly one over to my girl!

Did you see Brave? Were you as intrigued by the wisps as I was? Sometimes I wish I had these glowing mystical beings to guide my own life.

In “Brave,” Merida spies tiny blue lights after escaping into the forest in search of a change of fate. Forming a path that dares her to follow, the lights lead Merida to a mysterious location that holds the power to change her destiny—just not in the way she imagines.

The good folks at Disney shared the background behind the lore of the wisps:

* * *

Travelers—particularly those who venture out after sunset on unfamiliar pathways—beware of the will o’ the wisps.

It is said—though by whom is a bit of a mystery—that on certain days for certain travelers in certain parts of the world, little lights dance on the horizon, whispering tempting invitations… pledging the answers to lifelong questions, the realization of dreams, a key to secret treasures—a change of fate.

Charmed and curious, unsuspecting travelers follow the floating lights, mesmerized by their whispers, their promises. Yet no matter how long or how fervently they follow, they never quite touch the beautiful beacons whose flickering lights eventually fade and disappear… leaving the inquisitors, the dreamers and the treasure seekers lost… and alone.

* * *
If you have not seen Brave yet, it's in theaters now.
Follow your own destiny... go see it!

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