Saturday, July 28, 2012

Humongous golden trophy

I work outside the home a few hours per week and squeeze in the rest whenever I can, usually from the couch downstairs. So yes, I have a "job"; I am a working mama.

I also have this mothering job. The job that takes precedence in my life no matter what. The job that is physically and mentally demanding. The job that allows for no personal privacy whatsoever, but has the uncanny ability to create a most dreadful sense of isolation at the very same time. The job where my "boss" lives with me, eats with me, and goes on vacation with me. The job where I have absolutely no option to walk away or search the listings on I know I am in this career for the long haul.

Add blogging to the mix. This online adventure allows me and my family some fantastic opportunities and joys, but at times it is yet another job. My husband works practically non-stop in a high pressure career himself. He arrives home to find his dinner waiting to be microwaved, his wife worn down, and his child ready to pounce - literally - on him. It's a busy life we lead, and it is not easy. Sometimes I am not sure how we are even muddling through it all!

Every now and then, my husband's company rewards him. He may get an award or a raise. He receives praise for jobs well done. He wins new business and pats on the back when things go his way.

I want to know when I get my award, when I may have a raise. Unfortunately, I have a supervisor who is under the age of five. She has no money for such rewards. She is long on demands, but short on praise. Of course I value the snuggle moments, the nighttime "I love you"s. Of course those are priceless.

But a humongous golden trophy would totally rock my day.
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