Thursday, July 26, 2012

When she grows up

"Mommy, I want a little girl when I grow up. Because then I can be a mommy like you!" 

She dreams of the future.
She dreams of being taller, wiser, and stronger. She dreams of a day where she can rejoice in the happiness of having a child of her own. She dreams of a little girl, whom she will take to dance class and follow on the playground. She dreams of toy stores and vacations, of night lights and fuzzy PJs.

She dreams about a day where she will be... me.

Talk about a lot of pressure! But I must be doing something right. I could not be more proud of my smart, creative, personable, funny child. I couldn't possibly love her sweet face, soft hands, and gorgeous curls any more than I already do. I too, dream of her future. And if she wants to be like me, I must be handling this job well enough.

A solid B+, anyway.
- - -
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