Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happily keeping our secret

Almost a month ago, I let you in on our little secret: we're going to Disney World! We have kept this plan a secret from Amelia and will continue to do so. Probably until we're actually in the car on our way to sunny Florida.

The funny thing is, Amelia asks to go to Disney World nearly every day. Over and over again, she flips through her photo book from our February 2010 trip. She makes comments like, "I know it is expensive, but I really wish we could go there again sometime." She is such a kind and understanding four-year-old!

Family photo with celebrities, Feb 2010

We discovered last week that Amelia will be having her third eye muscle surgery. Yep... third. I received the call yesterday, and the surgery is scheduled for December 6th. There are no guarantees with eye muscle surgery, as we have grievously learned this far. However, with each step - surgery 1, surgery 2, glasses - we learn a little bit more about how she works and what the best fix may be. I am confident that this one is going to do it. I am planning on a magical Disney World visit, free of the anxiety I have felt for a year now. I foresee an amazing family Christmas full of celebration, with the happiness that comes from knowing this difficult chapter has come to an end.

Today, at the doctor's office for a check-up, Amelia spied the happy face chart they often use for children to pinpoint their level of pain. She told me she was the middle one. When I followed up, asking why she was not the first one, the big happy face, she replied, "Oh, that one is the really special one. That is like a Disney World face!"

That, my friends, made this mama smile. I am happily keeping our trip a secret, because I know the "Disney World face" will be oh, so worth it.

This was her Disney World face the last time!

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