Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Story: 10 Foods

Week number four of eleven. Sunday Story - based on an incredible prompt list from Daring to Live Fully, where I will eventually have a list of 100 things I love.

This week - yummy, yummy foods!

10 Foods that I love

  • Mac and cheese. There is something truly comforting about the feel of warm, gooey mac and cheese. I could eat it every day.
  • Cookies. Specifically still warm, just-out-of-the-oven delights. Probably my favorite treat ever. 
  • Filet mignon. The fanciest of steaks. Cooked well, it just melts in your mouth. My favorite filet is served at Stoney River. Drool. 
  • Chinese food. I love Chinese food. Chicken fried rice, Mongolian beef, sweet and sour, Kung Pao.... so many choices, I could probably eat this every day also. 
  • Chicken ScampiFrom Olive Garden. I really, really like it. Delish. 
  • Publix cake. Publix grocery store makes the tastiest cake anywhere. I used them for our wedding cake, and got a ton of compliments on how good it was. (Saved a bundle of $ too!)
  • Cornbread. Must be moist and extra sweet. Dry cornbread is a bummer. True southerners make it in a cast iron pan. 
  • BBQ. Speaking of South - Here, BBQ does not mean burgers on the grill. BBQ is pulled pork or sliced brisket, cooked in a smoker and slathered in spicy, tangy BBQ sauce. 
  • Scallops. Like filet mignon, must be cooked well. Scallops have a fine line between rubbery and juicy softness. A few Atlanta-area restaurants do scallops very well (Seasons 52, Sage, Bistro Niko), but I like them best at the beach. 
  • Frosted Flakes. Can you tell I enjoy sugar? I do not eat cereal very often, but when I have a coupon for Frosted Flakes, I am absolutely going to buy them. And eat them.  
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What are some of your favorite foods?

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Daring to Live Fully is a lovely site that aims to “simplify your life by identifying authentic desires, and be more productive by doing less while achieving more, and by embracing creativity.” She has a great section of journal prompts and covers happiness, productivity, self growth, and more! I am breaking up her 100 Things I Love journal prompt for a total of 11 Sundays.
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