Saturday, November 10, 2012

Surgery - 3rd time's a charm?

The pediatric ophthalmologist appointment went pretty much as expected. Mamas know these things. Her glasses are not helping the eye crossing enough. Our only course of action at this point is a third surgery, this time on the inner eye muscles, next to her nose. We do not know yet when the surgery will take place, but we will do our best to balance holiday events and recovery time - we want her to have every chance at a fun-filled holiday season.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get your child's eyes checked at an early age. We are very lucky that her eye turning is entirely a muscle issue. Many children have 'lazy eye' because one eye has very poor vision, resulting in the need to patch, glasses, and maybe surgery. Amelia's vision is great, we simply need to work on that eye placement. Again.

For more information on children's eye issues, visit the American Association of Pediatric Ophthamology and Strabismus. And if you are able, have an annual check up with a pediatric ophthalmologist. General practice pediatricians can only detect so much - a PO check will help you identify any potential problems early. The earlier, the better.

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