Friday, April 18, 2014

Driving a sleeping baby (and some lovely Southern charm)

With baby number two almost three months old, I am slowly remembering the nap issues and mommy tricks to stay sane. Amelia was a bad napper - short naps, and no amount of hiding or leaving her alone would help her go back to sleep. Thirty or 45 minutes, and boom. Eyes open and ready to see  the world.

Andrew is turning out the exact same way. We are in the too-short nap phase and it's driving me bonkers. I can't get anything done in 30 or 45 minutes! The other day, I resorted to my old standby with baby Amelia: driving through random Atlanta suburbs. Andrew falls asleep easily in the car and he is really comfy in his car seat. So today, when he dozed off after our errands at the bank and post office, I just drove. I chose random roads through the northwest suburbs to see where we ended up.

One thing that I love about Atlanta metro? I love that you can be in the big city, but a short drive will send you to farms, pastures, and areas with quiet Southern charm. Our drive was really nice the other day. Baby boy was happily - and quietly - asleep. I had nowhere to be, and (thanks to lingering maternity leave) no pressing work to be done.

I was simply driving. Rolling through neighborhoods and back roads, enjoying a sunny Spring day and some lovely land outside of the hustle and bustle. Granted, I still got nothing done, but at least I was able to relax.

He slept a whopping 55 minutes. I guess I'll consider that improvement!

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