Thursday, April 10, 2014

She ignores her kids daily

I read a lot of great blog posts from other parenting bloggers, many of whom I have the pleasure of knowing in real life thanks to the Georgia Social Media Moms. I do not often have the chance to comment or share their posts, but I do read. I really appreciate perspective form other busy mothers and some of the interesting questions they pose to all of us.

On of my favorites from this past weekend was this one:
I Ignore My Kids Every Day - Real Mom Talk
(click to read her post)

Oh my, how she speaks the truth! I only have one big kid to "ignore" these days; I can only imagine the chatter she is bombarded with each day with six offspring to entertain her.

Is it so wrong to need ME time? Is it a crime to want to look at a silly game on my phone, read blog posts, check Facebook, respond to email...?  I don't think so. Often, I am in a digital world of work, getting stuff scheduled for some random house need, or maybe planning a party or a vacation. It is all part of my always-struggling-to-balance life. It's just busy! So when I do have a free moment, I might just want to veg out with the Where's My Piggie app and talk to - or listen to - nobody.

Totally OK.

But she is right, we do need to make a conscious effort to be present sometimes. Technology is amazing but also addictive and sometimes we just need to put. it. away. I find that even just 10 minutes of undivided attention for my girl lasts her most of the evening. I will stop what I'm doing, get the baby settled (better yet, asleep), and do something she wants to do for 10 minutes. Even if it's painfully boring or full of bossy 6-year-old-invented rules and regulations. She is thrilled with that 10 minutes. Sometimes I'll even set a timer.

There are certainly days where I do not do my best for my sweet girl. There are many times where I give her the iPad, send her upstairs, and revel in the peace and quiet. There are a few too many times where she is talking to me while I am simultaneously browsing Facebook or email. But I try. I try when I can, and I make sure that our playtime, even if it's short, is just for her.

I go to bed with no guilt. About that, anyway... mommies have enough to feel guilty about!

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