Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DIY: Custom cake toppers - any favorite character!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Amelia insisted on a Minions party - but not the usual cute blue-and-yellow minions from Despicable Me. She had to have the "girl" minion, otherwise known as Stuart in a dress at the mall in Despicable Me 2. The girl minion birthday party turned out fantastic! (click that link to see other minion ideas I posted while planning the party)

I had to improvise with the cake, as no one makes the "girl" minion cake design. Publix has minions, but only the "boys" on the beach design. And it turned out that Publix would not print a licensed character on an icing sheet for me. Many Etsy shops will make a printable icing sheet with any image, but when I went to order, I discovered that price and shipping always brought the price to near - or above - $20. And I'd have to put the icing sheet on myself... what if I ruined it moments before the party?

So I made custom cake and cupcake toppers.  SUPER easy - here's how:

Go to the Internet, and search Google Images for the character you want. In this case, we needed the girl minion for a cake topper. Find a large file size image so it will print clearly and not fuzzy or bad quality. Save the image to your computer.

#2: Print the image the size you will need: for a 1/4 sheet cake, I printed an image on glossy 4x6 photo paper. For cupcake toppers, I had to upload the image to a program to re-size it smaller, about 1.5" wide. (even PowerPoint can work, if you right-click the image and save it as an image - don't save as the whole PowerPoint file.) Printing on nice quality glossy paper is key so you don't have floppy characters.

#3: Tape mini Popsicle sticks (or cut straws) to the back of each topper - I used mini Popsicle sticks found in the craft section of WalMart.

Then just stick in the cake when ready! I had the cake made at Publix with an icing design I created and drew for them. Then I simply placed my own toppers. The cake was PERFECT!

A minions tablecloth from Party City and simple wrapped "Cloud Cakes" (or Zingers or Twinkies) made for the cutest party cake table ever! The Despicable Me girl minions birthday party was a huge success.
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