Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We've always said you aren't allowed to turn six...

Our sweet Amelia,

Happy birthday! Daddy and I have told you for years that you are not allowed to turn six. We want you to be five forever. But today, you turned six. Nothing we could do would stop you - you have been looking forward to this day for months!

This past year has been full of many big events: new house, moving, kindergarten, and a baby brother! You have handled each big event with your amazing compassion and understanding. You are wise beyond your years.

When we had your first parent-teacher conference after kindergarten began, I could not have been more proud. The teacher said that you were not only smart and eager, but also truly kind to everyone. She showed such pride in your abilities and your heart. That makes a parent so very proud.

I have no choice but to let you move on, into your six-year-old year. Keep walking down your path in this world with a smile. Always keep that truly compassionate heart. Stay proud of who you are.

You are loved!

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