Friday, April 4, 2014

Family dinner: A quick and easy hamburger solution

I suspect I am not the only busy mama who often finds herself with few ideas for family dinner. You know that late-week dilemma, when you just didn't make it to the grocery store, and you have few options to cook? I know it well.

The other day, I had green beans and ground beef. Not much else. We enjoyed extra playtime due to a gorgeous day outside, so I had a hungry almost-six-year-old and wanted to fix something fast. Spaghetti is a usual go-to use of hamburger meat for me, but I was hoping for a lower carb choice. Meatloaf was going to take too long. So... what if I made a version of really tiny meatloaf?

I found a bottle of favorite meat marinade (in this case, KC Masterpiece Classic Steakhouse), spotted my mini muffin tin, and invented a new recipe.

Quick and Tasty BBQ Steakhouse Meatballs

1-lb. ground beef, favorite marinade, bread crumbs,
egg, dash of salt, dash of pepper.
1.  Combine meat, crumbs, one egg, salt, and pepper.
2. Add about 1 tbsp. of marinade into meat mixture.
3. Coat mini muffin pan(s) with nonstick spray
4. Roll meat into meatballs, place into pan(s).
5. Bake at 375 degrees for 12 minutes.
6. Brush/pour marinade over meatballs
7. Bake another 4-6 minutes, or until cooked through.
I served the BBQ steakhouse meatballs with fresh green beans. It was a tasty and healthy low-carb meal that everyone enjoyed. Basically, if you have a sauce you really like - steak sauce, BBQ sauce, maybe even a good dose of Dale's seasoning - these will hit the spot. And it was all ready in under 22 minutes, from start to finish. Yum.
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