Monday, October 27, 2014

Creative pumpkin designs for Halloween

Let me introduce you to our jack-o-lantern family!

This guy has had several run-ins with sharp objects. Carve a pumpkin face with a wiggly mouth. Using a permanent marker, draw on stitches around his face. Hammer in thick screws or nails, and use a red permanent marker to draw blood. Ouch.
Amelia got her idea from an iPad app with monster girls. She painted her pumpkin turquoise, glued on gooly eyes (hot glue gun works best), and drew scars and an angry mouth with pointy teeth. The gooly eyes are too cute on their own, so we colored in slanted eyelids on the eyes. Also scraggly eyelashes. Finally, she glued on hot pink ribbon for hair. In the back, she has a bald spot with no hair and a big scar - this zombie had brain surgery!

I saw some polka-dot glow pumpkins on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. First, you hammer thick screws into the pumpkin:

Space out the holes the way you like them, and be sure to clean the stringy pumpkin goo from the holes so the light will shine through fully. Once I was finished, I thought the plain polka-dots were a bit boring. My pumpkin needed personality... so big googly eyes to the rescue! Now he's a cute polka-dot glow guy.

Since it's Mommy and Me Monday, here's a family photo! Amelia made sure that Andrew had a pumpkin too. His has smiley faces drawn all over, thanks to his big sister.

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