Thursday, October 9, 2014

Texting my husband (not a love note)

Before I was a mother, I did not understand why people needed to text. Why not call? Or email? But once I had a child in one arm, or a kid napping, or my hands tied up in a diaper change attempt with a squirmy uncooperative little thing? I got it.

I text because it is fast and easy. I rarely have the opportunity to sit and focus on a phone conversation. And I have a short memory (Mom Brain is real!). Life is busy and I easily forget whatever it is I wanted to tell someone. So I zip off a quick text before it slips my mind completely.

My husband and I text during the work day often. I dump whatever to-dos are in my brain at any given moment, not expecting him to jump on it right away, but so I know I sent the thought out there and he can get it when he gets it.

Most of our text exchanges are about everyday life. Quick and easy communication to get stuff done.

  Is pizza OK for dinner? Had a crazy day.   --> Yep.
  Got a media invite for a show, you free on Friday night?  --> Sure, find a sitter.
  Soccer practice tonight, will you make it?  --> Meet you there. Traffic is bad.

I often pass along airport news for my husband, who is an engineer on various projects at ATL (among others). This one the other day made for a good giggle:

Oh, texting. Thanks for letting me send random thoughts and sometimes pointless news to my friends and family during work hours.
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Linked up to Mama Kat's Writers' Workshop. Thursdays. Prompt: "A recent text exchange that made you laugh."
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