Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Flying through the blue sky to paradise #BeachesMoms

Social Media on the Sand begins tomorrow afternoon!
Beaches Social Media on the Sand
I think I know how the morning will go; the hectic rush to get up, get the kids ready, double-check the luggage. Did we forget anything? Honey, did you remember the...? Is Amelia dressed - did she brush her teeth?
I will make time to snuggle and kiss on my sweet baby boy who will be staying home with Grandma and Granddad. I have never been away from him overnight - that will tear me up inside. I will be going through the motions of a mom on the verge of vacation while shoving aside thoughts of the goodbye I have to say to that sweet little guy.
As usual on crazy out-the-door mornings, I will probably skip breakfast. I will plan to grab food at the airport, but might manage to snag a bottled Starbucks Iced Coffee from the fridge before the husband whisks us away down the interstate. We will have Atlanta rush hour traffic to contend with; I will be stressed and worried that we will be late.
Eventually, we will make it through airport security, through the flight, and land our feet on Turks and Caicos soil. Eventually, I will breathe outward and soak in the idea of paradise. Our destination is Beaches Turks and Caicos Resort, an enormous "Heaven on earth" kind of place.
This stunning resort is all-inclusive with water sports, a water park, 12 miles of beach along turquoise water, 19 restaurants, and all-we-care-to-drink-and-eat (absolutely no calorie-counting allowed!).
Social Media on the Sand is an invitation-only social media conference that I have no doubt will be enjoyable and inspiring. I cannot wait to meet some of the wonderful bloggers I have managed to get to know over Facebook posts. I am excited to learn more about some of the family-friendly brands that are household names in my life.
I am thrilled to be able to spend the free time with my amazing daughter and husband. I will miss the baby with all of my heart, but I won't have to stand by while my girl has adventures with Daddy. Just the three of us, once again, for a couple days. At one of the top family resorts in the entire world. Save a few waterslide rides for me!
I'm ready - let's do this thing! (Andrew, I love you. Mommy will miss you so much! Have fun and sleep well. Hugs and kisses, my dear.)
- - -
Beaches photos - credit: Beaches Turks & Caicos website
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