Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dear Daddy, Mom's not in a good mood.

There was a super-secret note passed to Daddy upon his return home from work this evening. It seems our daughter is quite smart; she insisted on giving him a heads-up.

The note pretty much sums up how Thursday went.

(Edited for spelling and punctuation. And FYI, Andrew got hurt because he fell; I didn't injure him!) 

Dear Daddy,

Mom's not in a good mood. 

First, she thought it was her fault she hurt Andrew.

Second, she put Andrew to bed, and as she was working the pizza guy came.
He rang the doorbell.

Third, she got a tummy ache by eating the pizza.

As you can see, she is very stressed.

Fourth of all, she had to drive to the city.

Sorry to Mommy!

From, Amelia

TGIF - thank goodness it is Friday for sure!

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  1. Very smart of her to give Dad a heads up. Our little ones can sense and see so much more than we can imagine.
    After we had a "rough" morning, A.J. told me "You face looks like this a lot!" and made an angry face. Lesson learned. I need to relax and chill out!


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