Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another year, another open doorway

Preschool open house chokes me up a little bit every year. Despite being with the same school since Amelia was three months old, despite being a total preschool pro, there is always at least one little thing that hurts just a bit.

We entered a familiar school building last night, but we passed all the familiar rooms. We waved hello at the familiar teachers, but kept on walking. This time, we turned a corner. We turned a corner away from the toddler room, away from the two-year-old rooms, and stepped instead towards the new three-year-old classroom. A classroom in which we learned about new things ahead: cooking lessons, show-and-tell, and even an introduction to Spanish language.

The smart mom in me is proud to have such a fantastic school and unique curriculum for my child.

The sensitive mom in me wants to know where my baby went.

Soon, Amelia will be helping me in the kitchen. Soon, Amelia will be teaching me basic words in a language I do not know. Soon, she will be grasping my hand as we hunt around the house for a show-and-tell item that begins with the letter of the week.

She only knows three kids in her class this time around. I hope she also brings home many stories of their adventures and laughter together as friends. Soon.

Change is difficult.

Even when we know it is for the best.

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