Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dark or light? A 3-year old discovers skin color

Like all three-year-olds, my daughter is a knowledge sponge. So much of the world around her is brand new and wonderful.

Much of our time together is spent talking. We discuss her various observations of the world and chat about her numerous 'likes' and her few 'dislikes'. Often, I find myself explaining new words and answering the never-ending rounds of "what's that?" and "why?".

Recently, Amelia began talking about how people look different from each other. Some have brown hair, some have red hair, some have blue eyes (just like hers, she will always say), and some have brown eyes. And last week, she explained to me (in her most serious preschool voice) that everyone has different color skin too. Some skin is dark, some skin is light. 

"Brandon is brown."

"Elizabeth is light."

"I am light."

"Mommy? Why are kids all different colors?"

To which I answer (in my best Mommy voice), "because God made us all special. Everyone is different, and that makes our world prettier."

Amelia (once again with her serious face) pondered this for a moment. She tapped her little finger against her chin in a classic thinking pose.

"Yes," she finally answered.
We have different colors in my class, and my class is beautiful."

Well said, my dear.
Well said.

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