Wednesday, August 31, 2011

iPhone Photo Phun: Airplane

Linking up with @BelleBeanDog for some iPhone Photo Phun!

My all-time favorite iPhone photo? This one. Taken a few days ago. My child was being hilarious, so I grabbed my iPhone and clicked. I wish it hadn't come out so blurry, but I'm thrilled to have captured such a perfect moment.

Completely unaided, my 3-year-old daughter packed her little blue tote bag, put on her favorite princess heels, set up her pink princess chair by the wall, sat down, and crossed her legs. 

Then she exclaimed to me, "Mommy! I am playing stuck at the airport waiting for a plane."

She sighed, and huffed, and puffed.

"Why is my plane not coming?"

"I'm going to be late!"

I think she nailed it. Don't you?

- - - -
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