Friday, August 26, 2011

She makes me laugh: Friday funnies

I do not have a ton of experience around children. I'm learning day by day as I play the Mommy role to my sweetie Amelia. It is a difficult job... but also hilarious.

"Can I get you some lipstick, Mommy? You don't look very pretty."

"Mommy, let's play Easter hunt. Because it's almost Christmas."
(She said this in... August.)

 "Mommy! I don't have nervous anymore!" (Day #3 of swimming lessons)

"Mommy, we have had too many really fun days. No more fun tomorrow, okay?"

Amelia made this clown puppet at school. I asked his name...
"This is Granddad when he was a clown!"
(Apparently, my father was once a clown.)

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