Monday, August 8, 2011

Classical Cradle (with a #giveaway!)

A couple years have passed since my baby was a... baby. She has blossomed into a fiercely independent and fantastically creative little girl.

Bedtime used to consist of rocking in the cozy chair, listening to soft music, and patting her little bottom. Now, it is a 30-minute event. Playtime, books, funny giggling games, prayers, and back rubs.

When I received the Classical Cradle CD, I was excited to test it out. Amelia's cute little pink and white flower CD player is broken, so I hauled the ancient big black "boombox" into her room. She laughed at me and my contraption (circa 1990). But when the simple soothing piano melodies began to play, she was enthralled. In fact, she did not want to go to sleep - she wanted to wait and listen to every single song!

Classical Cradle is really a lovely bedtime album, featuring some well-known classical medleys via acoustic piano. Unlike some other children's classical albums I own, all of the songs on Classical Cradle have a calm feel and even tempo. It is a fantastic lullaby selection. Even though bedtime means a bit of play these days, we have been turning on the music every night. The entire family enjoys it.

I may want one for the office too! I certainly need some stress relief now and then.
Just as long as I don't fall asleep at my desk...

- - - -
I want you to experience this lovely lullaby album too!

To buy: Visit

You can also enter this BEDTIME COMFORTS GIVEAWAY!

Prize pack:
  • Relaxing Classical Cradle CD
  • Cozy Sammie the Pup plush dog
  • Soothing Bedtime Bubble Bath & Wash

Congratulations to Heather!!!

Thank you! Happy sleeping!

Disclosure: I received two Classical Cradle CDs for the purposes of this review. One to review and one for the giveaway. Despite receiving this item for free, all opinions are 100% mine. Other items in the giveaway are not endorsed by the manufacturers... I just like them too.

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