Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I laughed, I cried, two thumbs up!

A couple weeks ago, I received free tickets to a Thursday night screening of the new movie, The Help. I had read the book, and was looking forward to the movie. Free tickets? Sure! On a Thursday night, which meant it would have to be a girls' night? Heck, yeah!

I took my neighbor and friend along for the screening. I figured we'd be a good pair to give opinions:

-She is 9 months pregnant and full of baby-growing hormones.
-I am not pregnant, and generally not emotional.
-She had never read the book.
-I read the book only a few months ago and loved it.

We are both mamas to a preschooler, and happily (wheeee!) ventured into the city for a child-free evening.

The verdict? I can barely express how much we both loved this film. We laughed out loud, we blinked back a few tears, we clapped at the end. Having read the book, I was not sure what to expect. The movie jumps right into the meat of the story, and one storyline was changed (if you've read the book, you'll notice this change towards the end). Neither of these changes affected my enjoyment of the movie. I was quite surprised by how funny it was. And at the same time, how heart-wrenching.

The Help sends you flying through a roller coaster of emotions.

When it was over, I wanted more. I cannot wait to see it again. I will make my husband watch it. I will tell my family and friends to go see it.

Three-word review? IT WAS PHENOMENAL.

My MVA (most valuable actress) award? Goes to Octavia Spencer, who plays Minnie Jackson. I don't think anyone else could have made Minnie more real - or more hilarious.

Mommies, you know you need a night out. Call up some friends, get a sitter (or hand the kiddos to the husband), and buy your tickets for The Help. It is worth well more than the $9 ticket.

Credit: The Help Official Movie Site, DreamWorks Pictures

Credit: The Help Official Movie Site, DreamWorks Pictures

Credit: The Help Official Movie Site, DreamWorks Pictures

Disclosure: I received two tickets to an Atlanta screening of The Help via a connection within my Georgia Social Media Moms group. All opinions are 100% mine. (They didn't even require a review... but I had to share the word!)

Great movie. Really!!!
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