Monday, July 19, 2010

House party

For those of you following my sister-in-law's saga last weekend, I'm thrilled to report that she'll be moving out of the hospital tomorrow! We got her into an amazing rehabilitation facility in Atlanta. She's going to be worked extremely hard, but she will leave there rejuvenated and independent.

Since the entire in-law clan lives in Florida, our home is going to be a hotel for the next 2-3 months. I will do everything I can for this family and for my sister-in-law's amazing friends. So many people have come together to pray for her and support her. The least I can do is open my doors, fix up some beds, fold out the convertible couch, and welcome them into our house. As long as they don't mind frozen pizzas, pasta, and hamburgers, I can even feed them.

Maybe once everyone gets settled, I can convince someone to watch my spunky little girl for a while. A break would do me some good.

But none of this is about me. So most of all, I wish for a miraculous journey for my sweet sister-in-law. May her pain and worry disappear. May she find peace and happiness for an incredible life to come.


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