Friday, July 2, 2010

Joining in the fun - Julie's happy list

The blogging world is sucking me in big time.

My blog has it's own Facebook page. And I'm on Twitter. And I finally got everything situated within my BlogFrog community. I really enjoy reading and learning from my BFF (Blog Frog Friend) blogs. And when time doesn't permit to visit all the blogs, I can keep an eye on them via Twitter.

Am I going too far? Am I straying from my initial intent of this blog? Perhaps. But geez... the mommy blogger peer pressure! It can be pretty intense. I am but a teeny tiny fish in the enormous mom blog pond. My readers are awesome and loyal (especially my Mom. Hi Mom!), but I do not have the hundreds, even thousands, that other blogs have. Maybe one day.

I do add some stress to my life with this blog. More things to do. More sites to visit and update. But I still enjoy writing it. And, though comments I get may be few & far between, I really enjoy interacting with others all across the country.

So that introduction was entirely too lengthy... sorry. It's been a challenging week. I'm tired. And yeah... I guess I'm rambling.

My point is, I am much more involved with BlogFrog and Twitter these days. And this week especially, I have noticed many mom blogs taking part in Mama Kat's Writing Workshop. One of her writing prompts suggests,

"Write a list of 10 things that are sure to put a smile on your face when you are not happy."

This sounds like just the medicine I need this week. So without further adieu, here is my list.

10 things that can turn my frown upside-down

1. Yummy, yummy junk food. Not the salty/greasy kind. This lady is all about sugar. And especially chocolate. Give me a giant, warm, gooey, dark chocolate cookie and my happy tummy takes over. For a few minutes, anyway.

2. A funny song. I like the cheesy one-hit-wonders. The 90s were full of them. How can you not crack a little grin for the Macarena? Tubthumper? I'm Too Sexy? Baby Got Back? Even Mmm Bop makes me chuckle.

3. When my husband comes home early. Granted, this is rare. Maybe one in 150 work days. If even. But my heart still does a little flip when I'm startled by the sound of his garage door opening. I smile, knowing for sure that on this day, his girls came first.

4. The photo of Amelia on our mantel. This photo is like no school photo I've ever seen. The photographer caught a genuine, non-posed laugh. And managed to capture the twinkle in Amelia's amazing blue eyes.

5. The Sienna "Swagger Wagon" Video. If you haven't seen it, you need to check it out. Maybe it'll get old eventually, but I've watched this a gazillion times and it still makes me laugh.

6. Hearing from my real-life friends. I have lots of acquaintance friends. On Facebook, and now those I've met via blogging. Everyone is important and appreciated. But no one can take the place of those true friends who really care. Social media is awesome, and we're all more popular than ever. But I think it also helps to highlight the relationships that are so important outside the computer.

7. Babysitters. Time away from my job as mom. Time to do whatever I want. Time to relax at a restaurant without worrying about when my kid is going to throw her food. Or throw a tantrum. Granted, it takes me about 10 minutes to not feel sad about leaving Amelia at home. But once I'm over it, my smile can take over and I can have some quality "us" time with Steve. Time away allows us to finally put aside the talk about play-doh, school, and potty and pay attention to the one we married.

8. Pajamas. I'm not a fashionista. I'll pass on those to-die-for heels for some cozy fuzzy socks any day. And I love soft, silky pajamas. I've been known to work in said pajamas. It's a good thing I work from home.

9. Llamas. I would also say manatees, but I don't see those very often in my land-locked part of Georgia. Normally I wouldn't see llamas either, but there is a nearby home that houses some cute & furry farm creatures. Amelia and I try to drive by there a couple times a week and play "spot the animal." Just thinking about those llamas makes me happy. So cute!

10. When I get to play the baby. Sometimes, when I need to lay down for a minute and chill out, my daughter comes over to me, covers me with a blanket, pats me, and says "Shh, Mommy. It's okay Mommy. Have a nice rest." Sometimes she can be a terror. A hurricane in a 31-pound package. But one moment later, she can pour on the tenderness. It melts my worries away and makes me smile. How can a mommy resist?
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