Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Two very different days

Wow. Talk about a change.

Yesterday was a pretty rough day. I allowed several stresses to get the best of me. I lost all my patience and nearly all my hope. I spent the evening stuck in what felt like an out-of-body experience. I was just too worn out to really "be" there.

But I live with an incredible friend whom I can always talk to. My husband. Even when I could not muster up the strength to talk about it, he simply ran his fingers through my hair until I was able to give up my stress and fall asleep.

And sleep I did!

Nine hours of coma-like sleep. My body and mind were exhausted even more than I realized. Oh, how I needed that.

So today is another day. And it's been a great one! Amelia began her "big girl" school schedule. I went to the office and managed several moments of serious productivity. The time flew by. I swear this was the shortest day I've experienced since Amelia was born.

Steve was also thinking of his little girl today. He decided to leave work EARLY and join me to pick her up from school. He got to share in the joy of seeing that round little face light up. Amelia and I got to have some extra (and wonderful!) company for the afternoon. And to top it all off, he grilled a wonderful dinner for us! Pork chops with a semi-homemade honey BBQ sauce and grilled peppers & onions. With cupcakes for dessert (I picked them up to celebrate Amelia's first big girl school day).

Now we have full bellies, contented minds, and happy hearts.

Things always turn around, don't they?


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