Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sigh... what's a mommy to do?

I feel bad for my last post. I was exhausted and angry. And my face still had a mild sting from the slap I got in the mall.

But I don't want to paint my girl to be a monster. She has a sweet heart and a truly entertaining sense of humor. And never fail, she tells me about her "no-nos" later. She confesses anything she did wrong at school. When Steve comes home, she tells him about any bodily harm she caused me that day. So somewhere in that little head she has regret. She knows what she did was wrong, but she just can't control it in the moment of frustration.

As we stepped out of the mall last night, post-incident, after practically dragging her (while crying) all the way through JC Penney, she sniffles a few times and says,


Frustrated and angry, I manage to spit out, "What is it, Amelia?"

"Mommy? Mommy... I had a great time."

I was too angry, embarrassed, and exhausted to appreciate that comment at the time. Now I think it's pretty funny.

Ugh... what I am going to do with this girl? Too feisty for her own good. But too clever and cute to lose me for very long.
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