Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh the drama!

Moms to little girls already know this.
Baby girls are dramatic!

They have such raw emotion and willpower. They will let you know if something just isn't going their way.

Amelia tricked us. She did nothing but sleep and eat in the hospital after she was born. She was relatively quiet and really laid back. We couldn't help but be pleased with how easy this baby was going to be. Ha - fools. Once Amelia got home and worked up those lung muscles, she let us know what kind of girl she really was.

A pushover? Definitely not.

A drama queen? Absolutely.


Another blogger (Amber Page Writes) wrote this week about the surprises she has faced with a toddler. Read it HERE.

This post is perfect for us. Although a few of our battles have subsided (diaper changes and car seats are not so bad since I've learned the fine art of bribery), we can certainly relate to these.

Would I change Amelia if I could? Maybe... just the tantrums. But all in all, she is too unique to change. She has the ability to rule the world if she so chooses. If she sets her mind to a positive goal, she will get there. Of that I have no doubt.

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