Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our little helper

Amelia spent five hours at the rehabilitation center where her aunt is living & learning for several more weeks. We were wary of how she may react to all the wheelchairs and equipment, but she didn't seem to even notice. In fact, she thought it was funny that so many people were "driving! not outside!".

Amelia brought her toy doctor kit so she could make sure the nursing staff was taking good care of her sweet aunt. She held her aunt's arm and helped guide the wheelchair through the halls. She told us all to "shhhh" when her aunt closed her eyes for a brief rest.

It was so heartwarming to see such a small child take such a loving, gentle approach. She seemed to understand that things were different, but she embraced that difference and projected her love and attention onto her beloved aunt.


Sometimes my girl can be really sweet. I am so proud of her.
And of my sister-in-law for fighting so hard and keeping a smile on her face.

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