Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Four, now three

I often said we were a family of three. But really, we were a family of four. Daddy, Mommy, little girl, and cat. Claude came into my life at the start of my final college semester. I was feeling down about boys, the future, and life in general. I went for a drive. Something made me turn into the PetSmart parking lot. And go in. There I saw a tiny, 9-week old gray cat. He snuggled in my arms and melted my heart.

I took him back to my apartment. Hoping my sister and other roommate wouldn't get upset with me. They fell in love with him too. He scampered and played and snuggled with his fuzzy worm toy. He had a red rhinestone collar - we named him Jean-Claude.

I considered him my child. Until I had a human child... then I unintentionally pushed Claude aside. He still got his basic needs met. I petted him and gave him attention as best I could. He probably enjoyed my switch to at-home work; at least we were together all day.

Tonight, Claude is leaving us.
He can no longer walk. His entire back half is immobile. He barely lifts his head to eat the tidbits I place under his nose. He's not living a life befitting his regal presence. He's 11 years old and has been through several medical issues since age three. It's his time.

I'll miss him. And despite a rocky start, my husband will miss him too. He's family.

Amelia will be devastated. I still don't know what I'm supposed to say to her.
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