Monday, October 25, 2010

My zombie face

What is a mommy of a non-stop 2-1/2 year old supposed to do when sick for 3 weeks straight?

She looks at me like this,

while I feel like a total zombie. I have a wicked cold that seems to enjoy living inside my body. It has camped out for weeks and refuses to leave. Mommies never get a sick day, so I can’t seem to catch up on my rest and actually fight this nasty bug.

I tried to perk myself up by looking better. Because seriously, people, I look frightful. I blow the ghoulish yellow gunk out of my nose a zillion times a day, and now have rough, red, cracked skin. I ran out of Achooz and stole all of Amelia’s Boogie Wipes days ago. So now I look a little like a pitiful Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Minus the antlers, of course. But makeup isn’t helping. And even if it did, my eyes are puffy and red, totally adding to the “undead” appearance.

Perhaps I can find solace in the fact it is almost Halloween. Because maybe, if I play it right, my zombie-esque new features could result in a realistic spooky costume. Here are some thoughts:

Drunken pregnant lady – fits perfectly with the bloodshot eyes and rosy nose. Stuff a ball or pillow under my shirt, mess up my hair, grab a Smirnoff bottle from the upper cabinet, and I’m good to go.

Plague Sufferer – simply add some fake blood underneath my nose, draw on some purple-ish splotches on my neck & chest, and darken my already puffy eyes. Dress in tattered old clothes to resemble a peasant girl from the 1340s.

Rabid bunny rabbit – smear some marshmallow cream or whipped cream around my mouth for that foaming look, then don a standard bunny costume. Act erratic, roam aimlessly in the street, and attempt to bite the neighbors.

Think I could pull it off?

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