Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The researchy marketing person in me can’t help but share this article:
Neuromarketing & the Mommy Brain

At first I thought to myself, “oh good – they’re going to tell me I’m normal!”

It seems my mommy brain from pregnancy never quite went away. As my pregnancy belly grew, so did my forgetfulness. But now, 2-1/2 years after Amelia’s birth, I’m still more forgetful than I was before pregnancy. Maybe it’s because I juggle so many things now. Leaving the house requires at least 10 minutes of snack preparation, gathering of pull-ups & wipes, searching for shoes, picking out books for the car ride... but it seems even the smallest of tasks (i.e., turning off the car before getting out) often have me befuddled.
It seems that neurological changes really do occur during pregnancy. And although it doesn’t address forgetfulness, the article reminds marketers to tap into these changes. “Mommy brain” controls 80-85% of all U.S. household purchases… no wonder so many marketers are embracing our (your) blogs!
I’m not so sure about scent marketing to pregnant women, though. Based on my experience, you just never know what will make a pregnant mama happy – or make her throw up.

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