Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where I live

My crazy week of surprises (and some heartbreak) caused me to miss this week's writing prompt from Mama Kat. But I really liked one of the choices: show us where you live.

Better late than never!

The view out my window

This is a photo taken from the upstairs landing, looking out our big window above the front door. Sometime last fall.

Where do I live? I live somewhere I love. We're suburbanites all the way, about 20-30 miles out of the 6 million+ population city of Atlanta. The city offers us things we wouldn't get in a smaller town. We can fly nearly anywhere non-stop. We have professional sports of every kind - football, baseball, men's & women's basketball, hockey, and men's and women's soccer. When we manage to get out sans child (ha!), we have opportunities to see touring Broadway shows and fantastic concerts. The aquarium is fantastic. The Botanical Gardens includes interesting things for all ages. Yeah, we've got pretty awful traffic. But that's the beauty of working from home! (Sorry, my dear traffic-stricken husband.)

But living in the 'burbs, we also have those things you don't get in the city. We have roads through the woods, trees branching out overhead. We have nearby small farms with goats and llamas. When we want to visit a playground, we have our choice of several within just a few miles.

We've lived in this home for 8 years. And within the past couple years, we've finally begun to turn several neighbors into really good friends. There's something wonderful about knowing that people who live so near actually care about us. And we feel the same. We keep an eye out for each other - when a lost dog is wandering around, when a strange van is parked outside someone's home. As we've endured some tough times lately, my neighbors have been supportive and caring.

I like where I live. It really is my home sweet home.

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