Monday, October 11, 2010

Punk Princess

I've taken Amelia to the store several times to look at Halloween costumes. Every time, we have come home empty-handed. She has no interest in the costumes. And wow, these things are expensive!

The last time we visited Target, Amelia pointed and squealed with glee as we passed through the girls' clothing section. She had her eye on a hot pink sparkly tutu. And a matching hot pink skull t-shirt:

Seeing as these were the only Halloween-themed items Amelia had interest in, I purchased them. Now I'm trying to figure out how to turn this outfit into a Halloween costume. Without spending a small fortune.

Here's my idea. Hairspray her usually wacky hair into wild spikes. Maybe use some color spray to turn it pink or purple. Maybe some harsh streaks of blush on her cheeks. Add a small toy "electric" guitar or a cardboard guitar I make myself. Throw on a bunch of colorful plastic bangle bracelets and some leggings in a clashing color to the hot pink.

Punk Rock Princess?

Think I can pull that one off? Or the bigger question: Do ya think Amelia will let me do this come Halloween night? Stay tuned!
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