Friday, September 24, 2010

Belle, Bean, & Chicago Dog

Today we welcome a fabulous blogger. I feel honored that someone so well-loved in this blog world would grace this little blog with her presence.

Check out her interview, below, then visit her blog! You'll love it like I do.

Blog name? A belle, a bean & a chicago dog
(read the interview... then click on over to check it out!)

The writer behind the words? I'm a SAHM mom to 2 girls who is temporarily-retired from the consumer products research industry. I'm originally from Chicago, but haven't lived in IL for over 7 years. Craig and I have had our adventures moving to TN, then NH and then back to TN.

When (& why) did you start the blog?
Because of our relocations and living so far away from all of our family, I originally started the blog to keep them informed of our lives. I wrote for friends and family for nearly a year and a half before I joined my first blogging community.

You're originally from Chicago... what is a must-see in/around Chicago for a family vacation? This one is a hard one to answer simply because Chicago and the surrounding metro area is so huge! If it's baseball season, hands down, go to a Cubs game! It doesn't matter who your root for - Wrigley is the one stadium left of its' kind! Chicago has endless shopping and restaurants. I'd suggest some kind of tour of the city - either by boat or by bus. There are great zoos, and if you have girls, definitely hit the American Girl Doll store!

The pizza debate - are you a Chicago Deep Dish girl? Oh, heck yes!! Gino's East is the place to eat! But don't forget Portillo's Hot Dogs and Italian Beef sandwiches, either.

Name one thing that surprised you about parenthood. How amused I can be with the simplest and silliest things they do.

What does "balance" mean to you? One of my rules in life is that anything in excess is not healthy. It could be something bad - like alcohol or fatty foods - or something good - like exercising. Either way, balance is necessary to maintain a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy relationships. It's a must for everyone!

If you had two hours of pure "me" time, what would you do? If I was in the house, I'd just enjoy the silence! But if I was out, I'd probably just drive and listen to music. Maybe run through a Starbucks, or perhaps pick up some McD's fries (yum!).

@BelleBeanDog on Twitter
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