Thursday, September 9, 2010

My pantry overfloweth

Do your kids do this to you?

Amelia enjoys some kind of new snack. The Market Pantry real fruit strips from Target. Cheesy Chex Mix. Mandarin oranges. She LOVES them.

She comes home from preschool, thrilled that her teachers gave her Teddy Grahams and Froot Loops. She wants to eat more.

So I, thrilled to have some new snack ideas, haul my booty to the store to stock up. She wiped out a box of fruit strips in a week - so I pick up two more. She raved about the school Froot Loops, so I select the largest box available. Mandarin oranges? Why not get the large jar of them - actually, why not three jars?

I stock my pantry, looking forward to letting Amelia choose from her new & improved plethora of tasty snacktime treats.

So snacktime comes along...

"No, Mommy. I don't want fruit strips."

"But I don't like Froot Loops."

"No oranges, Mommy. I don't like those."

"...what else do we have?"

Insert Mommy eye roll and internal 'AHHHHHHH!' here. I don't have a huge kitchen. I am not blessed to have a gigantic walk-in pantry. What I have is nice, but must remain strategically arranged so I can fit it all in there and find what I need later.

My pantry is now overflowing with snack foods she used to love, but now refuses. Some, like my gigantic box of Froot Loops, are beginning to get stale. I hate being so wasteful. It irks me that I have boxes & bags of snacks no one likes.

Why does she do this to me?
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