Monday, September 13, 2010

Shopping pet peeve

Went to a nearby WalMart today. Everything had been moved.

They bragged in their signs that "this will be like no other WalMart you've seen!"

Lovely. What this actually means is that I will no longer be able to head straight to the item(s) I need. I won't be able to find ANYTHING. A quick dash into WalMart will instead become a frustrating scavenger hunt, taking more of my precious time than I care to give.

Our area Publix grocery stores recently moved their items. But they moved them with the intention of making all their stores match. Now, no matter which Publix store I enter, I have a pretty good idea where I can find each of my necessary items. Ahhhh, efficiency.

Area Publix stores --> smart.
One silly WalMart location --> not so smart.
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