Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Protecting fair maiden

Yes, we had a fabulous time at the beach with our fair mermaid princess (photos here). She awoke each morning ready to go to the beach. She squealed with delight as the ocean waves hit her body and legs. She looked with awe at her elaborate sand castle, by far the largest and most impressive on the beach. Our princess was not lacking for attention - with the queen mother and "king father" (Grandma & Granddad) and Lord & Lady (Aunt & Uncle) in tow, she played the day away in the sunshine.

You can't be a fair maiden without being, well, fair. Despite many summer days spent outdoors, Amelia's young skin remains sensitive. We protected our fair princess' skin with products from All Terrain.

All Terrain strives to sell quality "Natural Remedies for Outdoor Enthusiasts." On this beach vacation, we tried three great All Terrain products:

(1) KidSport SPF 30 spray sunscreen. It is especially made for kids - very waterproof and non-stinging for those baby blue eyes. And the pump spray was convenient and easy. With a young child on the go, spray is a necessity! As expected, the KidSport sunscreen kept the sunburn away. It protected our princess and stayed on her skin through much seaside splashing.
I'm not kidding that this sunscreen is super waterproof - check out my science experiment:

KidSport sunscreen in a glass of water

Even stirring with a spoon, water can't penetrate the sunscreen

(2) We also tested the DEET-free Herbal Armor Spray. It's not always easy to find a DEET-free bug repellent, but it's worth the search. DEET is not something I want to use on my little girl. The Herbal Armor spray certainly kept the bugs at bay. I am coming home with several insect-bite souvenirs on my legs because I didn't use it faithfully each night. But the mermaid princess is itch-free! Because the spray is made with natural oils, it has a very strong scent. You can smell the citronella for sure... but have you smelled DEET repellents? Natural is better than chemical. Not only for odor, but for skin safety.

(3) Finally, my favorite All Terrain product! The Aloe Gel Skin Relief is fit for a queen! The scent immediately takes you to the spa. The aloe gel contains traditional herbs that smell fantastic and help heal the skin. The aloe is soothing - the perfect pampering for skin that has been in the sun, sea spray, and wind all day.

Give these a try for your little prince or princess. Or for yourself! All Terrain offers first aid supplies, natural hand sanitizers, soaps, eczema creams, and all-purpose kids' peppermint wash.

With no sun worries on her mind, our little royalty could keep on digging!


Note: I received product samples from All Terrain in order to conduct this review. All opinions are purely mine. All Terrain had no input in the writing of this review.

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