Friday, September 17, 2010

A big decision

Amelia has a difficult decision to make this weekend.

You see, there's a bit of a rivalry in our household. My dear husband, nice guy that he is, is also (gasp!) a Florida Gator. He pretty much lives & breathes Gator football from September to early January. He is one of the bad guys.

I, of course, am one of the good guys. Like the cowboy with the white hat in those old movies, I save children/damsels in distress and chase the criminals away. Er, well... perhaps some exaggeration there. But I am, in fact, a Tennessee Vols fan. Close enough.

Saturday marks another big day for this household. And Amelia is old enough to choose.
 No more laying on the floor playing with toys like last year. No more going to bed early. I expect this girl to get involved. She perfected her clapping and exclamations of "ball! run! run!" last week. Now we're ready for her to choose Mommy's side or Daddy's.

Daddy will be missing the game this year. The first rivalry game we've not been side-by-side since we met. But I think I can use it to my advantage. Amelia's undivided attention for the most important game of the year?
Ohhhh, YEAH. She's coming over to my side.
Maybe when Daddy gets home, Amelia's room will look like this:
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