Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dear athletes...

Linking up to Mama Kat again! The prompt I chose this week:

Write an open letter to a celebrity.

I'm stretching the rules a little. I'm not writing to one celebrity, but to many.

Dear professional athletes,

Please don't forget who idolizes you. Millions of children love you. They want to wear your jerseys. Your shoes. They want your posters on their walls. They probably dream about being just like you.

Money gets thrown at you. Women throw themselves at you. Drugs, alcohol, and fast cars are plentiful in your world. You have fame, wealth, and power. Any many of you have guns, arrests, and shattered marriages. At least 38 NFL player arrests in 2010. NBA "heroes" with numerous violent charges. Baseball players who cheated their way through with illegal substances. Tiger Woods - you forgot the importance of family and the strength of your influence on your youngest fans.

Yeah, you play sports for a living. And you're good at it. But I think the definition of YOU includes a lot more than the outcome of a game. Who are you off the field? Away from the track? Back home from the golf course? Can our kids still believe in you?

To the pro athletes who realize the rules apply to them, I ask you to continue behaving in a manner worthy of our star-struck little boys and girls. While you may not get the headlines like your ego-driven teammates, you have a better chance at succeeding in life.

To the rest of you - shape up. Little eyes are upon you.

Balancing Mama (Julie)
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