Friday, September 10, 2010

CSN Stores congratulates...

Elissa L.!

You are the lucky winner of the $20 CSN Stores e-gift certificate. CSN will email the certificate to the gmail address you used to enter. Enjoy browsing all the wonderful items CSN has to offer!

Didn't win? No worries! Visit CSN Stores the next time you need, well, just about anything. Furniture, toys, pet supplies, fitness equipment, home decor, cookware, and MORE.

Want another giveaway? Visit next Thursday, 9/16 for my review of Boogie Wipes' new product, Achooz. You can enter to win two packs of brand-new Achooz.

How today's winner was chosen:
Entries were listed in an Excel document as they were received. The number of entries per person was based on the rules as listed in the post. Email-only entries were also included on the list. I then used the random number generator to pick a line in the Exel document.


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