Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Memory lane

I'm not a true participant in the 'Back To Blogging' event from the SITS Girls... I never really slowed my blogging over the summer. In fact, it picked up - thanks to meeting so many of you through your wonderful blogs and Twitter. With Amelia in school year-round and me working from home, my summer is pretty much exactly the same as my school year.

But I am really enjoying reading the challenges and responses around the blogosphere. Today's challenge was A Post You Wish More People Had Read.

Since my blog is only eight months old, I don't have a tremendous library to choose from. But also, I didn't know many of you a few months ago. So I'm posting more than one. Consider it a little get-to-know-you from me, BalancingMama.

I'm not a trained writer. I may not be as creative as some of my bloggy idols out there. But I write from my heart - and yeah, I like these. Perhaps you didn't get to see them originally:

Julie's Happy List - My first post for Mama Kat's Writing Workshop!

Leave it to... Someone Else - Why I'm glad I'm not a 1950s housewife.

We May Not Be Cool, But We're Moms - Ouch - I realized I'm just not cool anymore.

One Isn't The Only Lonely Number - Because staying at home isn't always as great as it sounds.

And this one: Breathless Moments. This post is actually one of my most-viewed posts (thanks to a SoyJoy/Scary Mommy contest link), but I cannot leave it off this list. I will forever remember this post as a reminder to capture the little things in life. And be thankful.
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