Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Do you know Boogie Wipes?

If you don’t, you should. The kids are back in school, and those nasty viruses will start coming home with them. (So get some! And save your UPCs – then receive a free plush Boogs here!)

I discovered Boogie Wipes several months ago. I love how well they get those crusty boogies off my pretty girl’s face. The saline makes Boogie Wipes more effective at dissolving boogie residue than baby wipes. And the grape scent is divine. Like grape-flavored Bubble Yum from back in the day.
This week, I was glad to test out Achooz, the soft saline nose wipes from our incredible mommy friends at Boogie Wipes.

Because two opinions are always better than one, I tested the Achooz myself and appointed my husband to serve on my one-person focus group.
ME: Love them! I used to get a nasty cold about two times each year. With Amelia in school last year, I was perpetually sick. And embarrassed by my red, raw nose. I tried to mask the irritated skin with makeup and soothed it with Vaseline at night. But now, with Achooz, maybe I won’t have to conceal & heal anymore. Why treat the red, raw nose when you can PREVENT it? The next time I feel that scratchy throat or those sniffles coming on, I will stock up on Achooz. The 15-count packs are perfect for my purse or to throw in my drawer at work.
HUSBAND: He’s not a flowery/descriptive kind of guy, but when trying the Achooz, he called them “soothing” and “soft”. He preferred the unscented variety but suggested “the mint would be good if I had a stuffy nose.” (He acted as an official Boogie Wipe sniffer too. The fresh scent was his hands-down favorite. “It smells like clean laundry!”)
Here is the solid proof that my dear husband liked the Achooz and Boogie Wipes:
Monday morning, two days after product testing/sniffing. Amelia climbs into our bed for a little TV time before getting up for the day. She has something on her face. Daddy, thinking it’s some kind of boo-boo, reaches out to investigate. Off comes a big crusty boogie!
“Oh, yuck,” he says “do we have any of those Boogie Wipes in here?”
Oh, yeah. He’s sold.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Do you want to try Achooz for yourself? For FREE?
Enter here to receive two 15-count packs of Achooz. Be prepared when the next virus hits your house.
To enter, simply do one (or more) of the following:
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Important: With entries 1-5, make sure to leave your email and/or Twitter name in your comment so I can contact you if you win.
Entries accepted through September 19th.
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