Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby weekend!

I'm about to collapse into bed for the night, but had to catch up on my blogging! Spent the weekend in Florida with my life-long friend (since we were two!), her hubby, and their almost 3-week old baby girl. (Steve was at the Daytona 500 with his dad. It's their annual event together each year. Steve's been going for 25 years. So no, missing Valentine's Day was not a big deal. I'm used to it.)

I really enjoyed seeing the new baby and spending time with a new mommy. In a way, it was "fun" to relive those days of sleeplessness and new learnings. I have nearly forgotten that Amelia was ever that small. And this new sweetie seems to have a nice healthy appetite - just like my Amelia! She's driving her mom crazy with feedings right now, but maybe she'll be good to her parents and love veggies one day like mine does.

Although my friend is doing an awesome job already (Really! I was quite impressed), it was nice to have those little chats about our worries and challenges. I often feel very bad about how I'm doing as a mom. I feel like I fail too often at being all that I want to be. But as I put all this extra thought into each day with my writing, I am becoming more & more comfortable with the fact that it's OK to let one, two, or even all three of my mommy personas slide - just a bit - to make the bigger picture what it needs to be that day.

To finish off my update, we had a great time together. Amelia was a wonderful little babysitter for her brand new friend. She brought over toys and pacifiers when the baby cried and had endearing curiosity about everything going on. It almost made me think I could handle having another baby. ALMOST. But not yet.
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