Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is there room for Sad Mommy in here?

Today started awesome - I got my home cleaned! This wonderful housekeeper was here for 5 1/2 hours!!!! Everything is dust-free and sparkling. I may never go to the spa again. For the same money, if not a little less, this feels just as good. Really!

But as the day went on, it turned bad. Really bad.

A high school friend passed away suddenly today. Apparently of a heart attack. He was 31 years old. I'd lost touch with him for several years, but remember him well. We occasionally walked together after school to where our moms worked. He took me on a Valentine's Day date once. He held my hand on a church bus trip. He sat with me in the hallway at school after lunch. He was the first one to notice when I got my braces off, and he said "Wow. You look beautiful." I'll never forget that. He was a football player and hung out with the popular crowd. But for a time, until the pressures of popularity and cliques changed both of us, he liked ME. He was a sweet and funny person and he will be missed. My heart aches for his mom who was my 4th grade teacher. And also for his father, brother, and all who loved him. Such terrible news. He meant a lot to me throughout some really difficult teenage years.

Amelia was a nightmare all afternoon. Because the housekeeper was still here, Amelia did not nap. Which turned her into a grumpy, crying disaster of a child. I love her with all my heart, but WOW. For such a little person, she can knock me down good.

And she threw my cell phone in the toilet tonight.

Steve is working late. I put Amelia to bed early. I'm going to crawl in bed with a book and hope this day ends quietly, with promise of a much better tomorrow.
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