Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mommy needed the ice cream sundae... really!

I'm enjoying a hot fudge sundae from McDonald's right now. I've been craving ice cream for nearly a week, and this oh-so-delicious sundae is making me oh-so-very-happy.

Tonight was open house at Amelia's school. She is officially registered for Tues/Thurs 9:00-4:00 for 12 straight months starting September. Is it normal that I get that little panic feeling each time I go to one of these school functions?

Last year it was the tables & chairs. No way was my active girl going to sit in a chair! (You know what... she totally does. And she loves it.)

This year, I'm cutting back one day of school but increasing her hours. She'll be doing "late stay" until 4:00. This means she'll be expected to nap at school. On a little mat. Next to other kids.

Could this spell disaster for my busybody little girl? Even at home, she's hit-or-miss with her naps. And absolutely nothing can be going on within 100 feet of her room. And absolute silence is required. Hmmmmm....

But then again, maybe she'll learn something. These teachers worked magic with her this year. Why shouldn't I expect the same next year?

I know I should be optimistic about everything this year. But that little panic feeling keeps coming back. Mixed with a good dose of mommy guilt. And a struggle to give up more control. Wow, school is so much harder for mommies than it is for kids!

This is why I finally broke down and got my hot fudge sundae. I drove directly from open house to the drive-thru. I deserve it!

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