Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sometimes I forget my other kid...

Today I am also a cat mommy. I sometimes take my fatty Claude for granted. I complain about the extra efforts involved in taking care of him. I rarely change the litter box without vocalizing my displeasure in the task. I get annoyed by cat fur all over the one couch he's allowed to sit on. But now Claude is very sick. I feel bad for pushing him so far away once Amelia was born. He's a sweet kitty and has been through various medical issues in his life. And he deserves more love from his "mommy" than I've given him recently.

But... where do you draw the line in terms of medical efforts for a 10-1/2 year old, slightly handicapped, obese cat? So far we've spent about $220. He's on pain meds and we'll have test results tomorrow. I hope the tests provide us with a diagnosis, and I hope it's something easily treatable. Hearing his moans and seeing his lethargy today was heart wrenching. He's too gorgeous to suffer!


So today I did my best to be the Perfect Mom for Amelia. She napped today - woo hoo! And I put on my Happy Mom hat for some quality playtime. And as usual, juggled my Working Mom duties as well. But today I was reminded that I am also a Cat Mom. Claude's been there for me for 10-1/2 years, always a warm snuggler when I've needed a good pity party. Poor big buddy. I'll give you all the hugs you need this week... OK?

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