Saturday, February 27, 2010

A busy & fun family Saturday

Oops - I didn't write yesterday. Time is more precious when the child does not nap. Four days straight and Amelia nap minutes total a big, fat zero. I guess our friend the nap is really gone. But I'll remain hopeful that this is a fleeting phase.

I'm curious to see if Amelia naps when Steve tries to put her to bed today. She'll probably nap like a champ just to make him think I'm crazy or doing something wrong. She's sneaky like that.

Today is a nice, sunny Saturday. We ran some errands this morning and just finished lunch. Amelia's best friend is having a birthday party this afternoon at her favorite indoor play space. This place is so cool. A pirate ship playground in a huge sand pit, multiple bouncy jumps, and air guns that shoot soft foam balls. We're excited to go play there again. And happy 2nd birthday to sweet Hannah!!!

My parents are also arriving tonight, passing through again on the way home from their weeks in Florida. They'll get to experience Amelia after her first big playtime birthday party. An abundance of over-stimulation today, I think. Wish us luck!
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