Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cat Update

Last night was our third vet visit for our cat. Well, let me back up. The appointment was supposed to be today at 10:00. Tuesday night I got the confirmation call for an appointment at 10:00 on Wednesday. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Not surprising, though, since this is the same vet that said I missed an appointment last week that I called TWICE to cancel.

Anyway, they couldn't accommodate Thursday at 10:00, so I had to settle for Wednesday at 6:00. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle the schedule once again. My sister saved me and came over to watch Amelia so I didn't have to struggle with her and a sick cat. Steve blew off a dinner with his boss who was in from out of town to meet me there (thanks, honey!). Whew!

Anyway, so off we went for our 6:00 appointment.

We've discussed many options over the past 9 days. I was ready to do the x-rays to give us another shot at figuring out what's wrong. You know what the vet says? "Oh, it's too late to do x-rays. You'll have to bring him back." Huh??? So, $36 for this visit and all we did was talk about what we've already talked about twice before. So I asked if the visit fee would apply again when we bring him back for x-rays... "of course!" We got ripped off big time, and I'm done with them. Had they not screwed up my appointment in the first place, I'd be getting his x-rays today.

Searched for a vet recommendation and found one that should be good. The exam fees are more, but I called for an x-ray quote and they are about $50 cheaper. And they have late hours (until 9:00!) a couple days a week. So we have a new vet.

I guess the cat update is, we have no update. He has pain meds for 2 more weeks, and we're going to wait it out. Then we'll visit this new vet if he's still not doing well. No more Banfield vet at PetSmart!!! They seriously suck.


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