Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Retreat into the work-at-home mommy's mind

Work-at-home moms really don't get enough credit.

Stay-at-home moms are praised for their devotion to their families and personal sacrifice (as they should be).

Working moms are looked upon as the "have it all", savvy, modern women of today (again, well deserved).

But until people try to do regular office work with a toddler hanging off their arm, trying to crawl in their lap, or destroying something in the house, I don't think this particular balancing act is easy to comprehend. Oh - and don't even get me started on trying to have a work-related phone conversation with an almost two-year-old in the same room. Thank goodness for email!

I'm starting to think I should drop Amelia off at random offices around town to see how different folks handle her while simultaneously satisfying the needs of bosses and clients. Maybe I'd learn a trick or two.

My husband asks me why I've added this blog to my ever-growing list of things to do. Sure, it seems like a project at times. But more often than not, I look at this blogging time as my way to capture a few precious moments each day where I may retreat into my mind and leave everything else behind. Whether anyone enjoys reading or not, it's therapeutic to spill out the contents of my brain on a daily basis. My husband should be happy; I'm probably bugging him a lot less because of it!

Today my mind is trying to figure out how to add some structure and sanity back into my work days. I know, I know, structure is not exactly a toddler-friendly word. But I'm wearing myself down trying to be all things to all people. The money I bring in by working is extremely helpful to our household. We're blessed with a lot of things. And honestly, I'm not willing to give up the little luxuries I'm able to enjoy here & there. Work also keeps me current in my industry so I can make an easier transition back into that world someday. But I think it's time I set my foot down. Here's the plan:
I should determine the work hours that balance best with Amelia's needs.

I should tell everyone I work with/for that this is how it's going to be.

I then pray I don't get let go because of it.

Then I stick to my schedule no matter what.

I know I'm the one at fault most of the time, checking email at all hours. I'm going to figure out a way to fix that. And I need to concentrate more on managing the expectations of others and less on jumping through hoops to exceed expectations.

One set of arms tugging on me at a time would be nice.

Wish me luck!
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